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I have created this blog to highlight my adventures and share my experiences with those who are reading it. Everytime I plan a trip, I spend time planning and researching on what to do, where to stay, where to dine and how to get there. I hope this information will help with planning your  own trip. Another great resource, especially if you are travelling somewhere for the first time is to look up trip advisor.

I have separated them into sections based on territory to make it easier. Some of them have been international while most of my trips have been ‘road trips’ because we have had to accommodate our ‘little baby’ in the family, a yorkshire terrier who is the most lovable creature you will ever meet. In my opinion, road trips are fun and you can travel at your pace unlike airlines and tours and of course you can stop whenever you want. We have had to leave my little yorkie baby when we had planned trips overseas, however I knew she was in good hands with our cousins as they love her and spoil her as much as they can.



My husband Elsworth has been the pilot……….. if you know what I mean and has been the usual tour director. He has always relied on me to be his guide or (aka back seat driver) or the live GPS to give him directions. He basically likes to make the GPS lady silent and listen to  me! Now ladies, how many of your better halfs do that?……………One in a million, I guess!

Our recent trips have been more pleasant after we purchased a GPS before we drove to Canada’s East Coast. Before the GPS was invented, we relied on the good old google, map quest and trip tik maps to get to our destinations. We got lost several times, we have asked for directions and have been sent on wild goose chases……….. still we have got to our destinations safe and sound… all thanks to the superb driving skills of my leading pilot.

Hope you enjoy the photos and information.



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